Sage Advice

October 31, 2013

Most of us connect the sweet, woody aroma of sage with Thanksgyiving meals and the warm glow of feasts shared with family and friends, but this traditionally American herb's use should go beyond that of an annual seasoning in our holiday turkey

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Good Cholesterol

July 05, 2012

We hear a lot about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol ... but just what is good cholesterol good for?

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This Week with Peter Nielsen

November 24, 2011

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness month and National Family Caregivers month.

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Taking Care Against Alzheimer's Disease

October 28, 2010

Many of us worry about the onset of Alzheimer's disease as we or our loved ones age, so recent research showing that the disease can be prevented or slowed in development by a healthy lifestyle is good news.

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