Nutrition for the Flu and Cold Season

October 24, 2013

The flu season is here. Stay healthy with good nutrition; it's important to keep your immune system healthy and ready to protect you against germs and viruses. There are specific guidelines for your nutritional regimen that will help boost your immune system.

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Cold and Flu Protection

February 02, 2012

Don't let the unseasonably warm weather fool you, it's still the time of the year for colds. Dressing for the season and keeping warm is important, but so is nutrition and overall fitness. A healthy diet and exercise program can protect you from catching a cold and aid in your recovery.

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This Week with Peter Nielsen

November 02, 2011

Cold and flu season is upon us! It’s time to make a plan to deal with it! Whether you’re eating in a restaurant or at home, the ways in which you prepare to cook and eat are very important—especially to your health.

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