Kick the Habit!

September 04, 2013

When you feel that craving coming up, get up and take a walk. According to 14 recent studies, low intensity exercise like walking, bicycling even stretching, may be enough to curb a craving to smoke!

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Diet and Lifestyle

June 20, 2012

We've all heard that regular exercise can help reduce the risk of heart disease. But new research is pointing out just how critical getting enough exercise can be!

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It's Never Too Late

February 17, 2011

Research shows that it is never too late to get a nicotine-free new lease on life! Most studies now show that long-term smokers take up to 10 years off their lives depending on how much they smoke and for how long. Recently, an interesting study out of Oxford University stressed the importance of quitting regardless of your age.

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